Are you a Local Business in Lynchburg and the Surrounding Communities?

Do you want to participate in the most exciting new social shift in the market?

Lynchburg Loyalty would like to invite you to join:
The Great Lynchburg Gift Card Giveaway

Here is how it works.

We are Facebook AD Experts and are currently running campaigns to grow our audience and yours.

We will set up with our technology a contest/giveaway campaign structure that allows us to capture email leads directly from Facebook from thousands of consumers in the Lynchburg market.

We will be promoting your business and giving away the gift cards you provide to us.
The giveaway happens LIVE on Facebook with their new LIVE streaming technology.

You business will be promoted through out the week and LIVE on our show.

All of this leads up to the launch of our brand new exclusive: Lynchburg Loyalty APP

This will generate 10’s of thousands of downloads from consumers in Lynchburg and surrounding local markets.

The true power in what we are building is remarkable and I invite you to be part of the new media outlet that is here.

If you have any questions please shoot us an email:


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