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Inviting Businesses Video
Inviting Businesses Video

Are you a local business owner in Lynchburg or surrounding communities?

Join Us for The Great Lynchburg Gift Bag and Stocking Giveaway.


Lynchburg Loyalty is launching a brand new Amazing APP in Jan. 2017 and this Giveaway event is to build the audience in our market to launch the APP to.

Here is how it works:

  1. Your business donates $50 in gift cards or merchandise
  2. Your business pays $50 to assist with Facebook AD spend
  3. We promote your business to thousands of local consumers
  4. We run Facebook ads and a Contest on our fanpage
  5. We capture email addresses of thousands of consumers
  6. On Dec. 26th we start broadcasting LIVE on Facebook everyday giving away your gift cards and merchandise
  7. We have a FRENZY of interaction and social proof being built
  8. The 1st week of Jan. 2017 we will choose a day (We are shooting for the 1st) – we will do the last BIG giveaway and then announce to Lynchburg the NEW Lynchburg Loyalty APP
  9. Thousands of consumers download the New APP and start sharing it with everyone in the community.
  10. You send a message/coupon/offer to everyone of these consumers.

Time is essential for this. Please shoot me an email:


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